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Shine Through

To Marcy Howard

There might be times in our lives,
When its hard to see which way to go,
Fear may be a controlling part,
Though the scars may never show,
As memories steer the path ahead,
Change is made harder by the past,
And as we hold to things that were,
We live in the shadows memory casts.
Some lives are made into movies,
While others seem not noticed at all,
Some are content just being,
With no need for a curtain call,
Yet through our lives there’s a common thread,
A thing that we all need,
Something that we can not touch,
Yet it can cause a heart to bleed.
Emotions seem to be a thing,
That can build, yet also destroy,
They might be a vital tool,
Or used, just as a toy,
Either role they play for you,
Though unseen they still are real,
Life might be what we touch,
But its also what you feel.
Memories can make love live or die,
Though broken, a heart still beats,
And no matter how hard we try,
Love suffers no defeats,
What love means can differ for each,
The individual keeps it alive,
For me, I found my soul with you,
Life and love, held in your eyes.
Once its found you will know,
Though invisible, still its seen,
It lives in what we say and do,
Its affects, held in between,
Sometimes the person that you love,
You know, is in love with you,
And though the past might hold its chains,
There’s only love from me for you.
       Only you!!!!



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