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Forest True


A breeze stirs the leaves around,
And the trees seem to dance and sway,
Clouds float across a clear blue sky,
No rain in the forecast today,
The sun shines brightly on this trail,
But it’s cooler in the shade,
Though it’s warm and sticky,
It’s a walk we’re glad we made.
Squirrels and chipmunks run about,
They hide among the leaves,
Birds are heard along the trail,
Their song no thought to deceive,
Water flows somewhere ahead,
The sound growing as we draw near,
The water dancing over rocks,
Another sound we hear.
Further and further into the shadows we go,
The sounds of civilization fade away,
While the emotions we carry with us,
Were found sometime yesterday,
An ocean of green moves in waves,
And a mountaintop provides a view,
As we only hear sounds of the forest,
And my thoughts revolve around you.
In the forest things live together,
All the creatures have different roles,
As the shadows provide some safety,
There’s even purpose for the holes,
Different trees live side by side,
They occupy their own space,
Taking only what they need,
No greed need be erased.
Clouds drift randomly across the sky,
With no purpose just direction,
While temporary glimpses through the trees,
Reveal the forest’s perfection,
No matter when you take a walk,
Through the forest and the trees,
Though different seasons change it’s clothes,
It’s still just what eyes see.
Pleasure comes from walking the trail,
Life’s worries just fade away,
And the only thing that truly remains,
Is the knowledge that love will stay,
The clear blue sky might change to rain,
But the forest steadfastly holds true,
Every step proves love’s alive,
The love I have for you.

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