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Blocked From View

To Marcy Howard

Meet me in a parking lot,
Meet me any place,
You don’t have to say a word,
I’d be happy to just see your face,
The sound of that special voice,
Would be music to my ears,
And you’d just have to understand,
There might be joyful tears.
Torture, is not hearing your voice,
And not seeing the sparkle in your eyes,
And though you might not say a word,
Happy has no disguise,
If you looked at my face you’d see,
All of me is still yours,
While the fates have been unkind
What we feel still endures.
Just a whisper from your voice,
You know my head would turn,
Because the fire our meeting lit,
Inside us, continues to burn,
The things we want from life these days,
Are tied to things we need,
A rose that grows in winter’s cold,
From a jointly planted seed.
Though I sit in this pristine place,
It’s you I’d rather see,
While the thought of what we found,
From the nightmares sets me free,
Everywhere I go these days,
This heart holds on to you,
And I will hold on to that love,
Even, if its blocked from view.
.        Yours!



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