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Near or Far


There are things we wish were different,
And there are things we’re glad are the same,
At times we know we’re happy,
And moments we know we’re sane,
We hold on to those moments,
When love abides within,
While we ponder all our questions,
Of how it all begins.
Do our lives revolve in circles,
Spinning out of control,
While the clock reminds us,
We must cultivate our souls,
Pieces might be missing,
And that reality might cause pain,
While a person is the answer,
To things we must regain.
We might change our acts or behaviors,
But we’re still just who we are,
Never really knowing,
Is happiness near or far,
We might find the missing pieces,
If we take the time to look,
Forget about the cover,
Take the time to open the book.
Is it possible for us to understand,
That some hearts need tender care,
Though some hearts are made of stone,
Love still lives in there,
The image in the mirror,
Might hold flowing tears,
But they are just the product,
Of the loneliness we fear.
A picture may hold a memory,
The reminder of a face,
But heart and mind together,
Make it a memory we can’t erase,
We all try to look forward,
It’s no different if you’re alone,
Love lives through our yesterdays,
And each day it’s only grown.
Never make assumptions,
Because many times they’re wrong,
The truth can become clouded,
But you’re heart can sing it’s song,
The things you find important,
Make you who you are,
And dreams can be attainable,
No matter how near or far.

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