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Cabin Free

To Marcy Howard

My thoughts roam back to a place,
To a cabin in the trees,
To that time when I held you close,
And when you also held me,
Yet now I sit with only dreams,
But these dreams seem now in vain,
While every day that I hold on,
Makes me wonder if I’m sane.
While we all have hopes and dreams,
There exists a sobering fact,
That no matter what may transpire,
At times the dreams fight back,
They give you back things you miss,
Or things you might really need,
And on a day not long ago,
At that cabin we planted the seed.
While memories can haunt you,
At times they keep us alive,
For if in life you have nothing else,
Love helps us decide,
In the cabin in those woods,
It was a life that we began,
And no matter what may occur,
I remain your biggest fan.
We filled that cabin with our love,
And we did it hand in hand,
Even though it seems right now,
We couldn’t escape the pasts demands,
I am not a perfect man,
And never will I be,
But with the memory of that place,
Its forever you and me!
   Love lives.



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