Light the Night Away

To Marcy Howard

The night awakens baseless fears,
While the shadows make them real,
Fearing the things that are unknown,
Fearing what we feel,
The shadows reach out for the heart,
That is chained by memories past,
While in the darkness we can not see,
The good things meant to last.
In the darkness what can we see,
If the eyes require light,
And when the shadows reach their peak,
What do you feel in the night,
Though darkness may surround us,
A light exists inside,
And once this candle is lit,
Itsclight we can not hide.
As our hearts carry love,
In total blackness still we see,
The heart will then light the way,
And the darkness will not be,
Love lives in both our eyes,
It will live tomorrow and lives today,
And no matter how dark it gets,
With love, the light’s here to stay.



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