Some Day


Some day all the pain will cease,
Some day you will hear,
Some day this heart will stop it’s beat,
Some day someone will care,
Some day dreams might nust come true,
Some day the skeletons die,
Some day you might truly see,
Some day lives in these blue eyes.
Some days it might pour down rain,
Some days it’s a clear blue sky,
Some days might be oudy and dark,
Some days stars live way up high,
Some days emotions take us low,
Some days they make us soar,
Some days things are just to much,
Some days we just need more.
Some day this heart might really mend,
Some days it feels lost,
Some days everything might come free,
Some days just seem to cost,
Some day you’ll feel what I say,
Some days I wonder when,
Some day I’ll get to hold you close,
Some days I wonder when.



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