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At times I think this all a test,
Or some evil sort of joke,
Some matrix that we’re living in,
With lots of mirrors and billowing smoke,
Moments when life seems so surreal,
And moments when time stands still,
With emotions living forever and a day,
And those that always will.
There are those that reguire fortune,
And those that require fame,
Those that think they know it all,
But they dont even know your name,
There are moments we’re glad to remember,
And those that we’d rather forget,
While any way it balances out,
There isn’t one bit of regret.
Is this all some sort of picture show,
That plays at  it’s own speed,
Where we chase the dollar bill,
And ignore the things we need,
Individual moments,
Adds up to an hourglass’s sands,
And as the seconds tick away,
What is it the heart demands.
The moments we use to think of the past,
Are moments gone from the here and now,
Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t remember,
Just some things to forget somehow,
Though we should hold on to our memories,
They shouldn’t affect the way we live,
They should guide us to tomorrow,
If ourselves we can forgive.
Here and there we find a smile,
And at times it might be our own,
Dreams might be hard to attain,
While the individual might be unknown,
If all of this is some random thing,
Then in a way a dream came true,
My life is now a better place,
From that moment that I met you.

July 11th,2016

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