Snow Steps


Slowly the cold seeps into the bones,
As this walk picks up it’s pace,
Walking through the snow and sleet,
Seeming to march in place,
All is made a clean pure white,
The cleansing of the land,
As each footstep disappears,
In this journey by this man.
Snowflakes swirl from a pure white sky,
The blue seems hidden away,
The cold is just a minor thing,
As memories come to play,
The trail winds through a silent world,
Immersed in it’s blanket of snow,
Hoping that no tears will fall,
To make the icicles grow.
Each step forward’s a different place,
And with darkness comes a change,
As the snow continues it’s purposeful fall,
To help the landscape re-arrange,
We wander through the light and dark,
Not to see but just to feel,
Because in the forest late at night,
Each step is all that’s real.
Cold might numb the fingers,
Or the snow make it hard to see,
In the dark we have our instincts,
In the darkness ate we free,
Memories play inside the mind,
With each step the trail takes,
Seems the walk becomes like medicine,
Whenever this heart aches.
And in the course of walking,
Through the snow and through the cold,
An image forms inside the head,
It’s the picture of you I hold,
The snow might become a blizzard,
Yet on this trail I still see,
Because every time I walk these steps,
You’re walking them with me!



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