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Dawn now breaks as a mist is falling,
Another sleepless night,
And on a day thats dark and gray,
A heart needs real light,
A drive up to a deserted place,
To walk a trail in this mist,
It may not replace the sleep that’s lost,
But each raindrop can be a kiss.
As the raindrops caress the skin,
There’s a cooling calming effect,
Sometimes they might even soothe the heart,
And the memories that we protect,
The rain will fall regardless of,
The memories that it might bring,
None of us can stop the rain,
To what do we then cling.
If as you walk you ponder things,
The mind absorbed in thought,
The feelings from the water’s touch,
Might reflect the things we’ve sought,
These raindrops provide sensations,
That through our lives we need,
The sensation of another’s touch,
Or a dream that now is free.
Each raindrop splatters against the skin,
And the moisture trickles down,
Taking any path it can,
The dream that sticks around,
The raindrops do not seek a path,
They just find a way to go,
For love the same thing may apply,
Yet the path our hearts will show.
A raindrop splashes into the eye,
A tear that’s never shed,
Yet each drop shows a dream alive,
Both in the heart and in the head,
Every time the raindrops fall,
Though silent they seem to say,
Love will find it’s own true path,
Heart and raindrops lead the way.

July 9th,2016

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