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Close Your Eyes

To Marcy Howard

Close your eyes and think of me there,
I’ll be standing by your side,
Ignoring what the past has dealt,
Just me, with nothing to hide,
Let memory take you to that place,
Where a rose leads the way,
And as your eyes are tightly closed,
The memories will come to play.
No matter what our fates may hold,
This heart is always yours,
As I carry belief in you,
And each day it still endures,
As you look back at time,
Allow the memories to dance,
And Ill be waiting patiently,
Only love from Lance.
No matter where I might be,
Never feel lonely I’m with you,
Someone holds you in their heart,
No matter what we do,
No matter where we might be,
I’m standing by your side,
Thinking of your sparkling smile,
And love that can not die.
.     Only you!



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