The Silent Cry

To Marcy Howard

In the middle of the darkest night;and even in the day,
A heart has given up on itself;for it knows no other way,
And in the lonely deepest dark;it seems these cries go unheard,
As the sounds that escape these lips;become just Useless words.
In the middle of the darkest night;a voice whispers but no one hears,
While the sounds of memory;create these endless tears,
All the things that come and go;are blurred by a shadowed sound,
The sounds are in a heart and mind;but silence is what they’ve found.
In the middle of the darkest night;a heart bursts at its seams,
Wrapped inside the soundless nights; within the shattered dreams,
Through the silence of the night;your presence lives and breaths,
With the need to hear your voice;as this darkness feeds.
In the middle of the darkest night;ears strain to hear your voice,
As I hold three simple words;that take away all choice,
As forever holds out its hand;my belief in you stays strong,
And straining to hear those whispered words;the silence comes along.
In the middle of the darkest night;surrounded by these dreams,
Tears are now the only sound;their splashes now an endless stream.
Inside the hope to hear you speak; your voice echoes in my mind,
Crying all the unheard words;that without you I’ll never find.
       Only you!



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