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Awake at Night


Everyone seems to have those nights,
When sleep refuses to arrive,
Outside influences in our life,
A part of being alive,
Maybe the body is spent and weak,
To tired to even sleep,
Or the mind may race on endlessly,
In a problem mired deep.
Some of us can embrace a dream,
While others just cant believe,
And having belief in a dream,
Is no attempt to self deceive,
As we lie awake in bed,
Thoughts racing through the mind,
We wonder why we lie awake,
Is there a dream we need to find.
We look for a reason every time,
And that directly applies to me,
The heart it seems is reaching out,
Wondering how to be free,
Dreams are thoughts from the heart,
But they posess no hint of time,
While we look for reasons why,
I see what reasons are mine.
Mind and heart reach back through time,
To a past not long ago,
I close my eyes and it’s you I see,
And it’s then I truly know,
On those nights I lie awake,
It’s you I need to hold,
The heart reaches through the shadowed night,
With a dream that can’t be sold.
I think of flowing long blonde hair,
And know I need your touch,
Other nights I lie awake,
Because of missing you so much,
It seems the body can not rest,
While it searches through the night,
And while this heart reaches for you,
A smile is the light.
Theses sleepless nights to me just show,
That you’re embedded in this heart,
And sleep is something hard to come,
Whenever we’re apart,
So if you’re lying awake in bed,
I’m lying awake too,
Heart and mind are reaching out,
And what they hold onto is you.

July 10th,2016

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