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Lonely Life

to Marcy Howard

Through, my life, I’ve caused, pain and hurt;so maybe, that’s my due,
Yet all, the things, I’ve seen and done;somehow, escaped my view,
Along the way, things, came and went;and there’s never, been any peace,
While, I hold, a single rose;to mark, this pain’s increase.
It seems, through, this lonely life, the road, has twisted and turned,
As, the things, I didn’t see;made pain, what I’ve earned,
Mistakes.are part, of every life;while we, hope, this makes, us learn,
With, tomorrow, a hopeful goal;but can, the past return.
Even, with, family and friends;without her, I’m alone,
And through, the many, traveled miles;to me, her love was shown,
Can, the actions, of the past;make, a future unclear,
When just, the act, of closing eyes;brings the scent, of a pear.
One, red rose, says it all;yet it’s voice, is silence filled,
Lost inside, a subtle smell;with a heart, forever thrilled,
Through a life, spent running away;there’s now, a reason to stand,
As, a memory, brings a smile;for two hearts, hand in hand.
            One red rose.And a bed of roses!!!!



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