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Love Lives

To Marcy Howard

How do we see the world around us,
Is it in colors or black and white,
And does it hold the peace and love,
That we search for every night,
Does the past and our skeletons,
Become the things to which we hold,
Dreaming of the things we found,
Yet the scars make them be sold.
Is the world our happy place,
Where all ore dreams come true,
Or is it just a comfort thing,
Like putting on some worn out shoes,
The world should be an open book,
Where love and romance live on,
Where hopes and dreams come alive,
And like a fairytale, never gone.
But if your world is filled with pain,
And in inside we’re always cold,
Love can thaw, that inner ice,
No matter, who we hold,
Though the past might hold its scars,
Memories, do not forgive,
Yet in those memories, happiness abides,
If in our hearts, we let love live.
           I found you.



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