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The Scent of Spring


Flowers and plants begin their season,
Colorful scents will soon fill the air,
With the only thought I’m capable of,
Long black hair and the smell of pears,
Subtle fragrances soon will flow,
Within the soft, spring time breeze,
And with this rebirth every spring,
In love this heart still believes.
The color of the landscape changes,
Green will soon take the stage,
With hope springing eternal,
As another season turns the page,
A color palette takes the wheel,
As warmth is the catalyst for change,
Holding out it’s weathered hand,
It’s colors prearranged.
Waves of color fill the fields,
In a variety of colorful blooms,
Preparing for the summer’s heat,
As another season always looms,
Cabin fever fills the mind,
With love beating in the heart,
Living through the winter’s cold,
The pain of being apart.
Sounds and scents waft through the air,
Filling both heart and mind,
And as the seasons change all around,
What lives inside is redefined,
The constant changing of the world,
Brings change to what stays the same,
As the warmth thaws a frozen heart,
And hope lives in a name.
The breeze becomes a blooming flower,
With the scent it so easily blows,
As spring exerts it’s mighty effort,
To stop the winter’s flow,
Fruit trees bloom in earnest,
Their fragrance brings a smile,
Recognizing the scent of pears,
A memory visiting all the while,
Spring begins it’s endless flow,
Towards the change to summer’s heat,
And like the love inside the heart,
It’s being, we can’t defeat,
Memories of spring from the past,
Live for all the right reasons,
As love holds on through hot and cold,
Because love is for every season.

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