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A Snowflake’s Trail


Daylight shrinks to it’s shorter duration,
And it’s cold and frosty outside,
Should we brave the snowy night,
And watch the flakes collide,
It’s nice and warm inside the house,
But a snowy walk is our prescription,
It helps relieve a heavy heart,
The cause of internal friction.
Snowflakes seem to follow us,
As we walk down a frozen trail,
At first thinking of the heat we left,
And the air that was somehow stale,
After awhile there’s little thought,
We’re glad to be out in the air,
Our steps make it all fade away,
It’s just the snow and you out there.
No matter what might be bothering you,
Or what emotional pain we feel,
The sensation of a snowflake landing on skin,
As it melts is something real,
More and more our pain is lost,
Somehow lost out in the snow,
And all the things left inside,
Are the things we need to know.
The task of juggling busy lives,
Becomes so trivial out in the cold,
The steps we take on a snowy trail,
At that moment are we hold,
The snowflakes seem a swirling echo,
That with each step resounds,
It’s not about the things thought lost,
It’s about the things already found.
As we grasp that realization,
The pain hurts a little less,
It’s not about our busy lives,
It’s about the hearts beating in our chests,
Though visibility is lessened,
As we walk through the falling snow,
Our hearts are yelling to us,
It’s love that we should show.
We soon return to our front door,
Wondering if we should enter,
For a short while it all was gone,
Yet now we must re-enter,
As we step inside the door,
A clump of snow falls to the ground,
Reminding us that our snowy walk,
Was a walk to things already found.
              I FOUND YOU

January 30TH, 2017

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