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Not Far


Miles were traveled through this life,
Thought it doesn’t seem that far,
Walking over hill and dale,
Like some distant falling star,
The night time sky so far away,
Yet at times it seems so close,
A glass held to the heavens,
But I forgot to make the toast.
Through the days remembering,
Those things I can’t forget,
Hidden in these hopes and dreams,
But the distance this mind rejects,
Dreams once thought so far away,
But in reality they are not,
I hold on to the things we found,
And the scars we never bought.
A star falls from the heavens,
And it lands right at my feet,
Right now only seen at night,
It’s a dream that none defeat,
I saw one cross the night time sky,
And I wonder where it lands,
Is it lost in time and space,
Along with the hearts demands.
So many miles between now and then,
Where did the miles go,
But with the scars and calluses,
All those miles do not show,
I travel to a point in time,
That at times has seemed so far,
Yet somehow hidden deep inside,
Is my own bright shining  star.
Some might search and never find,
The companion for their soul,
But over the course of time and miles,
We play our separate roles,
Though at times I have the thought,
My dreams can’t be achieved,
It always seems that one more step,
My hope can be retrieved.
Through this journey as I look around,
All the scenery that I’ve passed,
I see my own reflection,
In my blurred looking glass,
Sometimes I can’t understand,
That love is life’s bright star,
And as I travel to that light,
Love is not that far.

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