Loves Puppets

To Marcy Howard

We both have the feelings of puppets,
Controlled by other’s strings,
Believing that our hearts are wrong,
Listening to the baggage others bring,
And when we take a step forward,
A string just pulls us back,
While the past becomes a monster,
And dreams fall through the cracks.
I believe in who you are,
And no matter what people say,
Its us that hold our answers,
Yet our strings make us both pay,
Though change is never an easy thing,
There’s a certain degree of fear,
Not because of the differences,
But because the strings can bring a tear.
Our lives are now forever joined,
We’ve made twobsouls into one,
But will the strings we both have,
Block out together sun,
You are right we’re both the same,
With our worries and our pasts,
And as the strings make us dance,
What we found will always last.
It seems the strings controlled us both,
Each in our own way,
Yet the future never will be,
The price that we must pay,
At the moment what we both have,
Hides our strings we can not tear,
Right now we are the puppets of love,
And love whispers in our ears.
         We found real.
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