To Marcy Howard

Lightning flashes across the sky,
As the rain comes pouring down,
While glimpses of the countryside,
Reveal the soggy ground,
Winds arrive in swirling gusts,
Inside the fury of the storm,
As the land holds the dampened smell,
Though cold it still feels warm.
Patterns are silhouetted,
From behind the dark black sky,
As lightning bolts come and go,
And thunder crashes as it flies,
As the storm rages and rolls,
The smell of ozone fills the air,
While the scene is watered down,
And the clouds just seem to stare.
I sit amid natures show,
But it seems a mirror tells the tale,
As the storm I see with my eyes,
Is in the nightmares that assail,
A storm exists inside this heart,
Its the voice of a now tortured soul,
And just as often as thunderstorms strike,
Lives the belief she makes me whole.
            Only you!



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