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To Marcy Howard

My thoughts travel back;as I wander through this snow,
As my body winds its way;the heart just doesn’t know,
I hold you close in this cold;hoping it never ends,
Insulated by the thought; and this love that it defends.
I will be that beacon;that helps you find your way,
You will never be alone;if you think of me today,
And if the tears start to fall;my heart will give you strength,
I taste the salty flow;in this love that has no length,
My blood is no longer my own; for this heart beats for you,
And no matter what your path;this heart beats for you,
When the darkness beckons; and it seems there is no hope,
Use a thought of me; make me your safety rope.
Close your eyes and know, that even in your sleep,
I’m a heart forever yours;in that closet we both keep,
Every day I’m with you;every moment I’m with you too,
Because I will be your safety;for the storms we call go through.
     I love you!



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