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Midnight's Mercy

To Marcy Howard

Each day arrives with its sunrise,
And the darkness releases its hold,
As the sunlight shines down on all,
With the warmth of memories sold,
Each day becomes a panorama,
Of all the pasts events,
But at midnight when the dreams arrive,
I hold, what our fear prevents.
Daylight is now a prison,
As a memory plays each day,
And the one thing I now have left,
Is the one thing taken away,
Yet each night the things I need,
Are alive inside a dream,
While all the pain the daylight holds,
In the midnight soon recedes.
As I hold you in the dark,
The memories come to me,
And for that moment that you’re in my arms,
A broken man is free,
The prison bars evaporate,
And in the darkness the light is lost,
While sights and sounds daily remind,
Of the parts of me now lost.
In the mercy the midnight holds,
I embrace the path ahead,
Even though in the day time,
With the past my soul is dead,
Yet now there’s a singular mercy,
That in the mercy of midnight is alive,
Each night when I close my eyes,
Means through the daylight, love survives!!
       Only you!



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