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The Fearful Flight

To Marcy Howard

The sun adorns the horizon,
With an artist’s sunrise,
As an angel flies along,
Inside fears disguise,
Doubt’s and assumptions cloud,
A sky of baby blue,
And as the sunrise spreads its wings,
Its fear that controls you.
This angel spreads her wings and flies,
And in my life I’ve met two,
One is gone to never return,
But most importantly, there is you,
Fear grasped a happy life,
Not perfect but moving on,
While with the fear of things unknown,
Now that life seems gone.
As the sunrise flies across the sky,
The many colors show,
Proving the point nothings black or white,
The hue of life should only grow,
A Sunrise’s colors filter through,
This angels unfurled wings,
Yet many of the colors hide,
Behind the doubt these fears can bring.
Each sunrise brings a brand new flight,
With the flight path controlled by fear,
And I myself am not immune,
And the proof is in these tears,
On this lonely fearful flight,
My angels colors always shine,
And though she flew away in fear,
Forever this angel’s mine.



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