What You Do

for Marcy Howard

It seems, they have, the answers, for, everything, that is wrong,
But when, they enter office, the promises, don’t come along,
The past, is blamed, for problems, and the answers, just get lost,
And taxpayer’s, hard earned money, are the funds, that pay the cost.
Heal, the rift, in the parties, but what about, the rest, of the land,
The people, that are going hungry, just, don’t give a damn,
Promises, don’t feed families, and your rhetoric, is the same, as smoke,
As the middle class, grows poorer, on a whole, they’re going broke.
Stop talking, of your answers, these thoughts, are nothing new,
It’s not about, what you say, it’s about, what you do,
Anyone, can say, these things, but action, is what heals,
Not, you telling a stranger, you know, how he feels.
We’ve been promised, lots of change, yet the process, remains the same,
If it, proceeds, the same, as before, what is it, we will gain,
Words, are only bricks, but with them, what will you erect,
And will you, actually, follow through, or your own assets, protect.
It’s not, about, black or white, or even, woman or man,
It’s about, doing, what’s needed, not following, your pre made plan,
Regardless, of your party, your color, sex or ideals,
Are your promises, achievable, and are you, honest, of how you feel.
Are your words and actions, controlled, by what other’s think,
And will, your sanctity depart, when paused, upon the brink,
Can any, of us, know for sure, but, honestly, no one could,
The answers, will be, in what you do, not what, you said you would.



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