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Another World


There exists inside our lives,
Two distinctly different places,
The world in which we obviously live,
And the one behind the different faces,
In one there’e forces all can see,
For the other the opposite is true,
One through which we make our way,
And the one inside me and you.
One world is such an imperfect place,
For which we can not plan,
As we slowly wind our way,
Through things we can’t understand,
Is paradise a place that exists inside,
Or does it really even exist,
Traveling through a caustic world,
Where greed and pain persist.
We can close our eyes and see a place,
Far different than where we live,
As all the obstacles in our way,
Leave us no room to forgive,
We all believe in hopes and dreams,
But do they only live inside,
A voice that lacks the will to speak,
And at times is forced to hide.
Paradise can be so many things,
With a thought it’s our destination,
But purchasing the ticket to get there,
Just fills us with hesitation,
One world tries to assist your path,
To help you on your way,
While the other tries to block your path,
Taking all the words you’d say.
One place we’d call the real world,
While one in the mind is made,
In one mistakes are quietly held,
And in the other they’re on display,
War, disease and even pain,
Are rivers running through the one,
While the other holds peace and pleasure,
Underneath a constant sun.
You may think it some sort of riddle,
Some place that will never be,
But there exists another world,
It’s inside of you and me,
The world is like an unopened book,
It’s the pages we need to read,
With the knowledge that love’s inside,
Both worlds are finally freed.

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