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Smiles and laughter emanate from you,
A quality hard to find,
It seems some smiles become withdrawn,
Because of clutter on our minds,
And when we finally stop and look,
The picture becomes so clear,
All the things thought far away,
Have always been so near.
A heart can become broken,
Inundated by pain,
Closing dooors surrounding it,
A picture in a frame,
Alone then is easy,
With the person locked inside,
But all of us can get lucky.
Because caring cant be denied.
The past and it’s greasy fingers,
Cloud the things we see,
If we allow the fears possessed,
To imprison what should be free,
We purposely try to overlook,
Things that are in plain sight,
And as we sit and wonder,
It’s you that’s still my light.
Sometimes a person’s overlooked,
But with you I somehow see,
That without even realizing,
You’ve become important to me,
I see the light that shines from you,
That others somehow ignore,
And I find myself, every day,
Needing a little more.
Both of us are truly tired,
Of all the hurt and pain,
And every morning that we wake,
That smile still remains,
For so long now the heart’s been closed,
I guess afraid to feel,
But now I’m glad I got to see,
The person and smile are real.

March 9th,2016

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