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Bleeding Darkness

To Marcy Howard

A darkness enters heart and mind,
With souls caught in between,
As the light evaporates,
It’s presence thought obscene,
The darkness invades everything,
Every action and every thought,
The price of reaching for the light,
And the fulfillment of dreams we sought.
Light becomes an alien thing,
As the heart’s immersed in dark,
While the night holds out its hand,
And into darkness the mind embarks,
We look upon the sun as light,
For life, a thing we need,
And all those things that we hold,
While on the darkened blood we feed.
Through the darkness, we’re immersed in black,
And we grow accustomed to the cold,
Living in our dreams at night,
With the nightmares that unfold,
If darkness becomes all we know,
Can heart and mind adjust to light,
With the heart still holding on,
But will the mind give up the fight.
A flickering flame, is in the distance seen,
That the darkness does not affect,
Yet no warmth can be derived,
If the heart and mind object,
Even darkness can’t obscure the fact,
That your light is what I need,
And as the darkness invades again,
Our tears are how we bleed.
.         You.



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