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Never Walking Away

to Marcy Howard

As you lie, awake in bed, are your thoughts, of me,
Or do you block, the memory out, pretending, your heart’s free,
Enter, into madness, as emotion, pulls us apart,
While the pain, radiates, from somewhere, in our hearts.
I think back, to a day, when a smile, was on your face,
As we professed, that we care, yet I’m alone, in this place,
I, can not judge you, I know, the pain you bear,
But while, my heart is knocking, will you, try to hear.
There is, no better thing, than the thoughts, I have of you,
For when, my heart was hurting, you’re.what pulled me through,
I know, you are listening, maybe, hoping, I’ll go away,
But, I know, your beating heart, found mine, one yesterday.
You told me, I should walk away, and I did that, once before,
And though, you told me, once again, I’m not walking any more,
Sometimes, when you know, it’s great, you have, to stand and fight,
Standing up.for love you’ve found, for something, you know is right.
Do you take, the easy way, will you, make a stand,
Please stop trying, to push me away, please, take my hand,
For though, you said the words, And we both, feel, the same way,
Listen, when, I tell you, I will, NEVER WALK AWAY
            I’m not walking away.And you don’t really want me to!!



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