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Now and Then

To Marcy Howard

In a cycle that always exists,
In the now, we think of then,
Hanging on to hopes and dreams,
With fulfillment coming when,
And if it existed in the past,
Will it visit again.
We held heaven in our hands,
But forced it to become a hell,
As the pain that lives inside,
We’ve become accustomed to so well,
Yet every day its you I hold,
Wrapped in secrets we could not tell.
As the hand of fate reaches out,
I’m grateful for its touch,
And though I’m alone every night,
Its still you I need so much,
Glad I tasted something real,
While you become my crutch.
Now and then the laughter comes,
But it comes with thoughts of you,
I can’t escape the hold you have,
And I know I’ll never want to,
While every night you are my dream,
I hold you, the whole night through.
Now and then the tears might fall,
Yet they only water the seeds we sought,
And in this web that we call life,
With you, I’m forever caught,
As we look at the price we’ve paid,
It seems it’s, now and then we’ve bought.
   Forever, only you!



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