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Paper Sound

To Marcy Howard

What if the only way you have,
To tell someone you care,
Is to write the words on paper,
And throw them in the air,
The words live in the mind,
But are held within the heart,
And all the things experienced,
Gave this love its start.
Though a poem might be old fashioned,
And the words impossible to convey,
The thoughts and emotions are real,
And grow stronger every day,
These words will flow forever,
And its you that made them start,
The day you walked into my life,
You saved a wounded heart.
If these words are all I have,
Its the voice that I must use,
For once I held you in my arms,
I’ve won and I can’t lose,
If I never hold you again,
You’re embedded in my soul,
And every word that I write down,
Is a plea to make me whole.
Without you I must hold my dreams,
The fairy tale half way true,
And every word I put on paper,
Is a part of me for you,
I believe in who you are,
And I believe in what we found,
While I only speak with poems,
I know you feel our loves sound.
     Only you!



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