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We both could say we didnt care,
Somehow we know thats a lie,
This thing’s survived for many years,
Somehow shining from inside,
Could it be the fairy tale,
Somehow finally came true,
And all those things we feel inside,
Somehow are held with you.
Is there a point when chance is gone,
When a dream somehow is real,
When a fantasy somehow is free,
And hearts again can feel,
Do we somehow live in fear,
That the past will somehow repeat,
Or do we reach for happiness,
And the past somehow repeat.
We hold a dream so very close,
And somehow it’s one we share,
And all those things so far away,
Somehow are suddenly near,
Slow and steady wins the race,
Yet somehow its already to late,
And those words so long held in,
Somehow seal our fate.
The question now becomes desire.
That somehow has burned for years,
But can we overcome the past,
And somehow still our fears,
Now a choice is clearly made,
And somehow we know its right,
Now we finally get to see,
What we somehow blocked from sight.
Hearts and minds that feel the same,
Somehow deja vu is you,
Holding dreams that now are real,
Hearts somehow struggling through,
A perfect world does not exist,
And somehow it never will,
But through the pain and many miles,
Somehow love lives still!



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