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Push Away

to Marcy Howard

Many times, as events, occur;we think, of our, own hells,
It seems, it’s hard, to realize;you feel, this pain, as well,
We look, for reasons why;we wonder, every day,
While, it looks, as if, we try;to, push, the love, away.
Problems, don’t, supply an end;they’re just, used, for the excuse,
To take, the easy, path instead;so we, can continue, our self abuse,
Acceptance and assumptions;are the fuels, that feed, the fire,
As, pain and fear, are the match;that light, love’s, funeral pyre.
You feel, the same, as I do;and you, miss me, as I, miss you,
We each, have friends and enemies;with their, betrayals, not our due,
I can only, hope, you’re well;that your light, still lives, in your eyes,
And seems, I think only, of me;it’s just, my heart’s alibi.
We both, try, to push away;the persons, we thought, hurt us most,
yet, we just, gave substance;to both our, heart’s, jealous ghost,
Just, like me, I know, you see; WE, can not, be, pushed away,
So, why not accept, my apology;and start WE, again, today.



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