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Feel When


I have times when I feel alone,
When the world seems to spin right by,
When all the words I think I hear,
Are nothing more than lies,
Do I have the ability to look past,
Those things I think I know,
Ignoring the things that live inside,
That without effort still seem to grow.
I have those times when I hang on,
To those moments from the past,
Events i know already occuurred,
But through it all love still lasts,
I walk around with head held low,
And wonder why I do,
as every night I have the thought,
I wish I was holding you.
I’ve searched through life for that person,
That makes me feel complete,
And now I sit and contemplate,
How long ago did we meet,
Am I stuck inside stupidity,
Still believing in all we found,
Is this love just a broken dream,
Whose pieces fall to the ground.
For all intents and purposes,
You might believe I’m all alone,
As emotion becomes a companion,
A light that I was shown,
Just like me you have those things,
That keep living deep inside,
Love kept hidden through the day,
Though at night it’s not denied.
When you have a thought of me,
This heart is reaching for you,
Knowing that love has become,
The one thing left that’s true,
I know at times it might appear,
That my caring isn’t real,
But all my important moments,
Are the things for you I feel.
Did I love before we met,
That answer clearly shows,
Silence doesn’t mean it’s gone,
Because in silence love still grows,
I know the things I found with you,
For us both are very real,
And though it seems that we’re alone,
We still have the love we feel.

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