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Run Away

To Marcy Howard

Nothing that you say to me,
Changes what is real,
And as you try to push away,
It only proves what you feel
You say that your happier,
Yet you haven’t been for years,
Guess it means your happy,
With a stream of tears.
You tell the lie you do not care,
That you only felt sorry for me,
Who are you trying to convince,
Believing I can’t see,
You condemn me for a lie,
Yet you hid the whole way,
So with the endless conjuring,
Who loves you today?
I know you couldn’t forget,
Yet you say how easy it was,
Looking for more excuses,
Or just for a because,
For you to be happier,
Happiness must already reside,
So you push away,
Because you know, you can’t hide.
You tell me forget knowing that I won’t,
So what might be your goal,
You only push away so hard,
To keep what’s in your soul,
But as you look in the mirror,
The falsehoods are in your eye,
And no matter how hard you try,
You can’t force love to die,
        Not a lie!



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