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Tell Me

To Marcy Howard

You tell me I should be myself,
But you took my self away,
When you said you were leaving,
As I pleaded for you to stay,
Since you left, I’m not the same,
The life in me is gone,
Music is just sour notes,
Without you as my song.
You said you just felt sorry for me,
That you wished we never met,
Gave me all these memories,
And then told me to forget,
Each day is now a circle,
That always comes back to you,
And even though I’ve tried my best,
Each day, wanting you is all I do.
You told me that you love me,
Then carefully pushed me away,
Yet to this day I believe those words,
Were the words you meant to say,
I told you I love you,
And your voice said I know,
Ever since you touched my life,
The grinches heart just seems to grow.
.      heartbeat



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