Soul to Soul

To Marcy Howard

Souls need not, be tied to religion,
And they’re not something we can see,
Yet as I look at your loving smile,
It seems together, our hearts are free,
Does a soul, reside in heart or head,
Does it live on when we die,
Or is this life, just a dress rehearsal,
For that day we say goodbye.
Eyes can hold, caring and love,
Things unseen but truly real,
And when a soul, finds its mate,
Its something we can feel,
Though my soul, knows its mate is found,
Circumstance becomes a gun,
Putting holes in the possibilities,
That together, we make one.
The soul might long, to have and hold,
The woman that it needs,
To feel the touch of understanding,
On which the heart now feeds,
If you love, but she’s not in your arms,
With what’s found, you’re still ahead,
For the soul now knows, its love exists,
Though she sleeps in another bed.
The things we discovered, might be denied,
But in love is the souls dream come true,
And though we hide these things we feel,
Soul for soul, for me its you,
Though these arms hold empty space,
Its each other that makes us whole,
And as I hold, love inside this chest,
Within that love, we’re soul to soul.
      ONLY YOU!!!!!



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