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to Marcy Howard

I can only, thank you, for all, you’ve given to me,
And I truly, understand, those things, I didn’t see,
I was, wrapped, inside myself, selfish, within, the pain,
All, the madness, was, at myself, with my friend, the pouring rain.
I’m thankful, for the care, you gave, but baby, I need more,
You’re the one, that, I need, the person, I live for,
I’m thankful, that I got the chance, to see, through all this fog,
Let me be, that prince, you seek, kiss, forever’s frog.
My life, is made better, thoughts of you, keep me alive,
My heart, was your’s, long ago, there’s nothing, to decide,
If you, can say, it’s all my fault, and that’s what, you truly, believe,
Just tell me, how you feel, your voice, is what I need.
I thank you, for loving me, but let me show you.all I’ve learned,
Let us walk, the trail again, show you, love still burns,
I’m thankful, for that special woman, that lives, inside of you,
That I, had, the chance to see, that love, is really true.
I’m thankful, that I, have hope, that one day, I’ll be, set free,
Until that day, I’m waiting here, to hear, you whisper, to me,
Those words, I know, you believe, and we both, need to hear,
I love you, Marcy, my darling, lets end, these needless tears.



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