Caricamento in corso...


to Marcy Howard

Life can give you, many things, yet, it can also, take away,
Though, this coffee, wakes me up, as, I start my day,
With, the first, sip I take, memories, flood right in,
As, I look back, at past events, those memories, cause a grin.
I think, of walks, along a trail, that we, walked, hand in hand,
Or a day, when we strolled, across the soft, white sand,
We did, these things together.and we did them well.
But each day, my cup of coffee.begins, the inner hell.
I think, of a cabin, nestled, in the woods,
The culmination, of our effort, lost, in all the should’s,
Frisbee, in the front yard, a hot tub, in the back,
Jokes and laughter, in the air, halloween, off track.
Nights, of utter silence, surrounded, by the trees,
You, right here, beside me, as, I’m on, my knees,
Asking, for forgiveness, for the things, I did,
Wondering, all along, is love, something, we have hid.
It seems, now, the memories, are, what I hold,
But a memory’s, better than nothing, as each day, unfolds,
You might think, that I don’t care, if I never, make a sound,
But through, this fog, of memory, I’ll always, be around.
         I found you, And I know, you want me too!!!!



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