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The Candle’s Burning


The world comes crashing in at times,
As I reach for the unknown,
And through stupidities episodes,
The path is now overgrown,
It seems I toil under a heavy load,
With no way for it’s release,
And all the constant soul searching,
Just makes the load increase.
I hear the word insanity,
Yet I wonder what it means,
While with the curse of intelligence,
Is life a role with different scenes,
I’m sure I’ve learned along the way,
Is that where our fire may go,
Have we already reached our dreams,
With our answers still in tow.
The path that runs through society,
Has it’s certain set of rules,
And in the department of lost and found,
Do we all become the fools,
Through the years the options fall,
On the bridges that we’ve burned,
While no one seems to really see,
With no effort still it’s earned.
The candle burns at both ends,
What happens when the flames unite,
As today and yesterday flow through our veins,
And that candle burns everything in sight,
Can we be lost yet know our way,
Having nothing, but so much we hold,
Is all we seek inside of us,
And with that do we feel cold.
Is all we feel just what we’re told,
With our dreams just distant stars,
Only seeing who I do without,
And the compounding of our scars,
It seems there are mountains before me,
The forward progress blocked,
While every door we attempt to open,
By the past is securely locked.
If the key is somewhere inside me,
Do I search with the heart or mind,
Because these days all I see,
Is that for love I was designed,
Our pasts bear no forgiveness,
And our hearts can’t hear our pleas,
While the candle burning inside the heart,
Illuminates that in love the heart believes.

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