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Red Night

To Marcy Howard

When you’re asleep inside your bed,
While asleep, do you dream,
Do tears of blood run down your face,
Does the blood become a stream,
Or do you avoid drifting off,
Because its nightmares that you see,
Knowing when you’re fast asleep,
You live in what might be.
Do whispers from other people,
Become the way you feel,
Or in the night when you dream,
The time when feelings real,
Do you awake with cheeks bright red,
A telltale sign of tears,
As the night becomes colored red,
An echo that memory shares.
Dreams and thoughts are kept alive,
But hearts make them soar free,
And if you’re told who you are,
Who might you actually be,
If the real you never shows,
Will a soul mate still come along,
Writing the words to your music,
As the night becomes our song.
Though the night is now tinted red,
At that time you’re still mine,
With an emotion we came to share,
Yet never thought we’d find,
Though two souls are kept apart,
The discoveries still remain,
And as red nights come and go,
The dream is still the same.
.          Only you!



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