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Love's Disguise

To Marcy Howard

It seems I looked for reasons;when there were none to find,
As your love grew wings;and left without a sound,
Still it changes nothing;I know you  feel the same,
As assumptions changed our world;and money played the game.
I believe in you;But did you give up on me,
Listening to the words you hear; that chained what should be free,
Judgment never entered in;I know our hearts are true,
While our souls united;becoming one instead of two.
Suffering is not singular;we each suffer our own way,
And not having you in my life;means just more pain today,
Every day I think of you;and though I want you here,
All our pain is washed away;by our hidden tears.
I know the words you spoke to me;every word was true,
But even if your back is turned;still my soul’s with you,
All I need in this world; is held within your eyes,
And though my love is for all to see; I understand your love’s disguise!!!!
   Love lives!!! Forever!!



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