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The Real Thing

to Marcy Howard

There is no way, to believe, in realized, fantasies,
Yet fulfillment of, that very thing, has happened, to me,
As we ponder, points in life, deciphering, what is real,
Can we consider, all those things, that we think and feel.
Sitting, in this forest, with no sound, to be heard,
Thinking of, an angelic voice, to hear, just one word,
As the tears, stream down, this face, I remember, something said,
A dying woman, said she’s the one, as the thought, lives in my head.
Though, I can’t, hear her voice, I hear her, call my name,
Since coming, under her spell, I’ll never be the same,
I also know, it’s not over, there’s so much more, to learn,
And the constant memories, for both of us, will burn,
You see, there’s no forgetting, Marcy’s, beautiful face,
All those things, that we found, time, will not erase,
Never, will I judge you, I’d be denying, my own soul,
You’re the woman, that I need, the one, that makes me whole,
Time and circumstance, hold us apart, but consider, what we feel,
Love abides, forever more, and we both, know it’s real,



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