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Eyes Closed

to Marcy Howard

If you, could close your eyes, and see the path ahead,
Would it, make it any easier, or would you, panic instead,
Would you see, open vistas, or watch a river run,
Could you progress forward, Or worry, what you’ve done,
A spirit, resides inside, no matter, who you might be,
And truth, is not a commodity, it should be, given away, for free.
And while, your eyes are closed, think, of all your dreams,
While silently wondering, is this life, what it seems,
How long, can it continue, before, nothing, will be enough,
Will you do, what you must, even though, it will be tough,
Can you be, a protector, yet be, a lover and friend,
And if, I’m not remembered, Will, I still defend.
And while, your eyes are closed, do these, thoughts, make you smile,
Or are you always wondering, will the smile, stay awhile,
Will you ever, understand, how another, may feel,
And will you ever realize, love’s, not something, you can steal,
For even, if a person, is different, from who they were,
Everyone, has to grow and tears, do not deter.
Time, makes your eyes open, and continue, with your task,
But life, always finds you, for, there are no questions to ask,
Your path, lies inside, not in the words, you hear,
With, the real promises, justified, by your tears,



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