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You and Me

to Marcy Howard

Every day, a flow, of words, pours out, from deep, within,
While, we try, to analyze, the things, that might, have been,
There are, no answers, to be found, if, the words, were never said,
All, those insecurities, lie, somewhere, in your head.
You may think, it all, means less, as you look, for an excuse,
To end, all, the inner pain, and a heart’s, self abuse,
As you struggle, to push me away, there’s something, you do not see,
All, the effort, that you exert, shows, your heart’s, not free.
It’s hard, for me, to understand, why, we embrace, such pain,
As our wheel, goes round and round, but will it, stop on sane,
I truly see, why you pretend, that, right now, I don’t, exist,
While, I know, you think, of me, our past, we can’t resist.
I’ve come, to finally, realize, you sacrifice, yourself,
Though, I wonder, what is wrong, with both, our mental health,
You say, my letters, go unread, the gifts, get thrown away,
As this pain, overwhelms, what, will help today.
While I pondered, all these things, I began, to understand,
You don’t think, you deserve, to be loved, by this man,
But rest assured, this love, is real, and forever, it will be,
And this thought, will, take the pain, from both, you and me.
      Love Lives.



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