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Time’s A Year


A new year starts but still my thoughts,
Are on a distant yesterday,
The past at times a more pleasant place,
Than what we hold today,
Time keeps passing and so much has changed,
As we flip right through the years,
But do we measure the time with smiles,
Or a long parade of tears.
Seasons come and seasons go,
Through the heat and through the cold,
As we all embrace our time,
But what things do we hold,
And on the night our calendar changes,
Is there someone that you miss,
Could you sum up all you feel,
With just one single kiss.
Did the year bring fulfilled dreams,
Or did your nightmares all come true,
And when the clock finally strikes 12,
Will the nightmare end for you,
Is each year just a marker,
A way to measure all the pain,
Or are we happy for what we find,
Smiles in an endless train.
With this daily passage of time,
Each moment we grow older,
Memories become our picture show,
Important to only the holder,
And once a year we pretend,
We’re happy for the times to come,
While every day that passes by,
Is a moment the heart has won

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