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Words That Feel

To Marcy Howard

Often times words are spoken, with some sort of hidden intent,
Instead of being allowed to flow, as their delivery we prevent,
Once that word is spoken, it can not be taken back,
As some are used to elevate, while others are an attack.
If you do not know the source, who speaks these words to you,
There’s no way to say for sure, what those words are meant to do,
And often times with emotion, different feeling is the cause,
And if the words are said with love, that emotion does not pause.
While words can come from the mouth, do they get there via the mind,
Or do they originate from somewhere else, the path of least resistance they find,
Or maybe there’s a dam inside, to leave them no path out,
Never reaching another’s ears, unsaid creating doubt.
Simple words can say alot, yet a whole speech can be just noise,
With words written on paper, becoming a writers  toys,
When I spoke the words I Love You, every syllable was true,
And using the meaning of that thought, makes them words that feel!
.          love was found!!!!



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