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Train of Thought

To Marcy Howard

As we struggle through each day;who and what are we,
Are the hearts that found love;with thought no longer free,
Do the scars of the past; blur the path before you,
Or is happiness our lost dream;that we no longer take to.
It seems we walk with memories;but it clouds the here and now,
And as we walk lost in thought;its you I see somehow,
In this long spiral down;from birth to certain death,
Your beauty held in these thoughts;lives in every breath.
All these thoughts have a center;that place where we began,
And they continue every day;with a woman and a man,
There are moments when anger comes;with the question what is real,
While the one thing I know for sure;is only what I feel.
What matters most is our ailing hearts;and the thoughts of what we found,
As our thoughts and memories; become a voiceless sound,
Though I searched this world alone;with searching I Found You,
And always in this train of thought;our loving is all we do.
        I Found You!!!!!!



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