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The Spark

to Marcy Howard

It all, started with an interest, in, what each other, had to say,
And the spark, ignited, a fire, grown bigger, every day,
It seemed, we’d known each other, for a long, long time,
As this fire consumed, both, our hearts and our minds.
Then one day, calamity came, with devastating news,
Since, we had the laughter, life, added, the blues,
Slowly, changes occurred, then, they picked up speed,
We couldn’t, accept the fact, each other’s, what we need. times, she cries inside, I,  am always there,
Whispering, it will be ok, as I stroke, her hair,
Though, it is, the hardest thing, it’s worth, every, sleepless night,
Because, slowly, in my universe, she, became, my light.
Sanity, became an issue, as her frustration, seemed to grow,
Because, there were, so many things, she felt, that I should know,
One plus one, equals two, but sometimes, two, are one,
And to think, with, a little spark, was how this, had begun,
As time, marched, slowly on, she moved, outside, our home,
But the times, I think of her, are the times, I’m not alone,
No matter, what the outcome, no matter, what I do,
Until, the last, breath I have, I belong, to you.
Through, this endless journey, I’m your side,
No matter, what might come, or what, the fates decide,
A spark began, the fire, and the fire, turned to flame,
And as, that fire, rages on.two lives, become the same,
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