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A Light Called

to Marcy Howard

They say, that darkness;is, the absence, of light,
Yet I, have to wonder;could that saying, be right.
For, right now, even, during day;the world’s a shadowed place,
The sun, it seems, is hidden; by the spectre of a face.
It seems, that thought, takes effort;as a heart, can not let go,
While, the pain, of someone lost;makes caring, for another grow,
Is there, an answer, to be found;amid, half truths and alibis,
Or is any explanation;somewhere, in a clear blue sky.
Never, is, an untrue word;and no one, is free, of mistakes,
As we, search, through lost and found;as each day, slowly breaks,
Always look, for wrong and right;never accept, what you, hear,
For, each day, is s brand new world;if not held, inside, your fear.
If someone, is, important to you; they always, live inside,
Regardless, if, they’re, here or gone;from memory, you can’t hide,
Never, give up on them;keep hoping, for a start,
For, all the effort, that you expend;just proves, your broken heart.
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