When Night Draws Near

to Marcy Howard

In daylight there’s activity, when details are seen clear,
Yet there’s a period every day, when those details disappear,
When light transitions into dark, and shadows start to form,
While the coldness of that dark, the memories start to swarm.
When night draws near and shadows lengthen,
Light begins it’s escape,
Giving in to the land of dreams,
As landmarks, the darkness takes,
When the night draws near we anticipate,
The dreams that then come true,
That can not live in light’s embrace,
Because all the thoughts hold you.
When night draws near the hope takes form,
It lives and breaths in daylight’s hell,
With each breath the picture’s clearer,
It’s the faces known so well,
When night draws near screams echo out,
No boundaries to hold their sound,
And as darkness slowly strengthens it’s grasp,
A heart believes it’s found.
When night draws near, we approach the end,
Of our role played in the light,
Approaching darkness is the curtain call,
For the dreams alive at night.
When night draws near, the eyes then change,
They echo the things within,
Holding reflections of love and need,
As holding you begins.
When night draws near, the tide of pain recedes,
In it’s cycle of ebb and flow,
Because in the daylight I look to see the face,
That in the darkness I already know,
When night draws near and a heart grows weary,
The hearts renewed with the daily thought,
That once again I’ll see and hold,
The woman, who all day I’ve sought.



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